VA & FHA Allowable Fees


Document Draw Fee (if required for Buyer)
Notary Fee
Title Insurance – ALTA
Credit Report
Appraisal – if ordered in Veterans Name
VA Funding Fee
1% Origination Fee
Interest from day of recording
Recording Fee – Max. $17.00
Tax proration to day of recording
Home Protection Plan (if requested by Borrower upfront)
Hazard Insurance Premium


Base Escrow Fee
Loan Tie-in Fee
Demand/Payoff Statement Fee (ok on refi only)
Sub Escrow Fee (title payoff Fee)
Reconveyance Fee (ok on refi only)
Prepayment penalties (ok on refi only)
Any Lender Document Fee
Processing Fee
Warehouse Fee
Loan Discount Points
Charges by other Lenders
Tax Service Contract
Underwriting Fee
Administration Fee
Photo Inspection Fee
Recording Fee – Balance above $17.00
Termite Fees or Work Charges
Any Messenger Fee incl. Overnight Delivery
Notary Fees
Homeowners Assn. Transfer Fee
Assignment Fees
Documentary Transfer Tax Fee
Bring-down Fee
Change of Ownership Fee (PCOR Penalty)
Transaction Coordinator Fee
Title Policy Endorsement Fees
Home Protection Plan


Base Escrow Fee
Title Insurance ALTA
FHA Appraisal Compliance Inspection Fee
1% Loan Origination Fee
FHA MIP Premium
Loan Discount Points
Credit Report Fee (Actual Cost)
Appraisal Fee (Actual Fee)
Interim Interest
Hazard or Flood Insurance Premiums
Reserves for Taxes and Insurance
Notary Fee $10.00/signature
Recording Fees – Actual Fees
Termite (initial inspection ok – no repairs unless approved in writing by lender)
Home Warranty – ok if stipulated in escrow instructions and with prior approval of lender
Amortization Schedule Fee
Real Estate Commission (if prior approval in writing by lender
Broker Fees (if prior approval in writing by lender)
Tests or treatments required by HUD (if prior approval in writing by lender
Compliance Inspection Fee


Sub-Escrow Fee to Title Company
ALTA Endorsement Fees
Other Inspection Fees are not allowed
Recording Assignment Fee
Processing Fees
Document Preparation Fees
Tax Service Contract
Any Messenger Fee incl. Overnight Delivery
Loan Tie-In Fee
Bring-down Fee
Title Binder
Tax Stamps/City Transfer Tax Charges
Homeowners Association Transfer Fee
Repairs or work required on FHA Appraisal (unless approved in writing by lender)
Home Warranty Program – ok if stipulated in escrow instructions and with prior approval of lender
Photo Fee/Photo Inspection Fee
Reconveyance Fee
Preliminary Change of Ownership Report
Transaction Coordinator Fee

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